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Thanks for visiting my new site!

Hi! My name is Anya, and I’m 13 years old. I love crafting and baking, and have done so for a really long time.

Lately, I decided to make these videos to show a bunch of different techniques, from filling cupcakes to making cake toppers – all for kids! These projects are for you to make pretty easily and without the help of your parents (though you should still make sure your parents are okay with it before you do anything).

You can make these with your friends, siblings, or just by yourself!

Under the Sea Mermaid Sandwich Cookies

Hey guys! Who’s excited to see Halle Bailey in the Little Mermaid? I know I am. With the new Little Mermaid movie on the brain, I wanted to make this party treat for giveaways and party bags. These Oreo candies are SUPER easy to make and [...]

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Better (and Faster!) Than Ice Cream – These Chocolate Banana Pops Don’t Disappoint!

Hey guys! This post is kinda riding off the last post I made - popsicles! Frozen bananas have a similar consistency to ice cream, plus even when they’re dipped in the chocolate sauce, they’re still healthier! I have these as a dessert or post-run snack. Also, [...]

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A Fudgesicle Your Parents Will Let You Have for Breakfast!

  Summer is finally here! At my house during the summer, making popsicles is a big activity and we’ve done it for YEARS. I decided to make a blog post on how to make these awesome fudgesicles! They’re great without any toppings, but I usually top [...]

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