Hey guys!

Who’s excited to see Halle Bailey in the Little Mermaid? I know I am. With the new Little Mermaid movie on the brain, I wanted to make this party treat for giveaways and party bags. These Oreo candies are SUPER easy to make and look super cute. Also, they’re easily adaptable for whatever you’re celebrating! I’ve made them with my little brother as mummies for Halloween before, and my mom has made them for my little brother’s birthday multiple times. Another nice thing about them is that more than one person can easily make them – my brother and I often work together on them when we need to make some in bulk!

To attach the tip of a piping bag to the bag itself, drop the bigger part of the coupler (the part that looks kind of like a cone) into the bag.

Over the bag and the coupler, fit on the tip. Using the other part of the coupler, fit it over the tip and screw it onto the other part. If you want to change tips, simply unscrew the outer part of the coupler and just replace the tips then rescrew it! Suuuper easy. 


Ingredients for Oreos

Ingredients for ganache

Instructions (for Oreos)

  1. Heat your wafers in the glass bowls separately for 15 second increments. Stir after every go. It shouldn’t take too many times, make sure to not overheat it! For me, the melts are usually ready one time before I think they are (if that makes sense!). Whenever you think that you should heat them up again, just stir really hard and they’ll usually be ready! It’ll likely take under a minute to melt all of it, depending on how much you’re heating up. 

  2.  If you want your Oreos to be marbled, pour some of the white candy melts into a bowl and a little bit of the color you want to swirl it in. Using a small palate knife or a butter knife, stir it gently. Be careful with this step, you don’t want to fully mix in the color! You should still see streaks. 

  3. Pour a little bit of the wafers into the bottom of each Oreo mold. Tap the mold on a flat surface until there are no more bubbles and a layer of wafer covers the bottom of each mold. For me, this is easiest to do on a jelly roll pan because I can move everything as a unit.

  4. Carefully drop an Oreo into the center of the bottom of each cookie mold. Gently press it down, but be careful that it doesn’t touch the bottom of the mold or you’ll be able to see it through the wafer!

  5. Cover the Oreo with a little bit more wafer. You don’t need much to do this part, a little bit goes a long way. Tap the mold a few times until aaaaalllllll the bubbles are out. Once you think you’re done tapping, keep doing it.

  6. Stick ‘em in the freezer for a little while until they’re completely hard and come smoothly out of the mold.

Instructions (for shells and mermaid tail)

  1. While the Oreo molds are in the freezer, pull out your shell molds. Pour a little bit of wafer into each one and tap like crazy. Seriously. Just go wild. Once you think you’re done tapping, you’re lying to yourself – rotate the angle of the mold to start tapping again.

  2. Put them in the freezer and start your ganache! 

Instructions (for ganache)

  1. Pour your cream in a microwaveable glass bowl and heat it up for a minute. Check to make sure it’s not everywhere and keep heating it up for another 30 seconds until it’s suuuper hot but not boiling. 

  2. Take your cream out of the microwave and pour in the chocolate chips and stir them until they’re fully melted. 

  3. Put your ganache off to the side to cool. Once it’s completely cooled, scoop some into a piping bag with the tip attached (see the second paragraph at the top for how to attach the tip). 

Painting modeling chocolate and shells

  1. If you want to paint modeling chocolate, it’s super simple! Get two small bowls and put in the TINIEST EVER drop of Everclear, vodka, or lemon juice in each one.  Seriously, guys… this drop has to be super super small. TINY. 

  2. Put a small bit of the powder coloring in the Everclear/vodka/lemon juice. Using your brush, mix it all up until everything is fully incorporated. 

  3. Tear off a small piece of modeling chocolate and roll it around in your hands for a few seconds until it’s soft. Roll it out (or flatten it with your hands) and using a circle cookie cutter, cut out the modeling chocolate.

  4. Pop out all the pieces from the molds. I put them onto a cookie sheet covered in parchment paper so it was easy to clean up.

  5. Place the modeling chocolate where you want on your Oreo using a small bit of ganache to stick it on, and press the edges super gently to shape it like sand and the ocean. Now start painting it! I used the gold/copper color to paint it, then put some shells on top of it. 

  6. Before you put your shells and mermaid tail on your Oreo, there’s more to be done! Use your brush and dip it in super lightly into the paint. Brush the brush on the side of the bowl to get some of the paint off. 

  7. Lightly brush the shells – first with white, then gold. I just brushed the mermaid tail gold, no white. 


Arrange the decorations however you want! In order to attach everything, I used the ganache in the piping bag.  Using a pair of tweezers, gently press pearls into ganache pipings (shells), or put a tiny bit of ganache or food glue on them and stick them right onto the wafer. Using the food glue, you can use the brush wherever you want and pour some sprinkles on top. Go wild and send pics when you finish!