Summer is finally here! At my house during the summer, making popsicles is a big activity and we’ve done it for YEARS. I decided to make a blog post on how to make these awesome fudgesicles! They’re great without any toppings, but I usually top them with nuts and dried fruits, such as pistachios and goji berries, and with a dip in chocolate for everything to stick to beforehand. These are a super great treat, and since they’re also healthy for you, you can stuff your face with them politely ask your parent if you may have another, once you’ve finished your dinner of course (my mom reads my post, hi Mom!) :).

These popsicle molds are my favorite, but we also use these, which are slightly bigger, and therefore perfect for eating and giving your sibling the smaller one! Just kidding. Kinda. Hehe.

These popsicle molds are great for a big get together because they make a bunch and are easy to transport as a unit! If you’re just wanting to have one popsicle at a time, the other molds are easier, but these are great for moving around and making a lot. However, they’re hard to get out one by one, so only use them if you’re going to share with friends! The last recommendation I have are these, which are awesome! You can’t top them, but if you want, you can sprinkle some nuts, berries, pretty much whatever you want in the popsicle filling as you’re pouring! You just pop off the top and push the popsicle out as it comes. Another great thing about them is that you can always close the top if you have to go do something before you finish it!

I got this recipe from here, but added cinnamon and experimented with the toppings – there are a few options down below for what I use, but you can use whatever toppings you want and really make it your own! This recipe makes 10 popsicles.



  • ½ cup cashews
  • ½ cup cocoa powder
  • 14 oz can coconut milk
  • 1 avocado
  • 1 cup dates
  • 1 tsp cinnamon

For topping (optional)

Popsicle steps

  1. Soak your cashews in water with a little bit of salt (about 1 tsp, it’s not a huge deal how much!). I did this right before I was about to go to bed so it was ready for the next morning.
  2. Mix it all up in the blender! The mixture will be pretty thick, and that’s just how you want it!
  3. Put some in the pitcher and carefully pour/spoon it into the molds. This can get messy, so you may want to go over the tops of them with paper towel so everything won’t be a big sticky mess afterwards. Tap the molds lightly on the counter so there won’t be a bunch of tiny bubbles in your popsicles and stick them in the freezer for 6+ hours. I stuck mine in the freezer for a couple of days until I was ready to top them.

Topping steps

  1. Melt a little under half a cup of chocolate chips in a tall (not wide) container. I melted them in the microwave for 30 seconds periods of time and stirred after each one. Like butter, chocolate can be hard to heat, and you don’t want to burn it! If the chocolate isn’t easily melting, add a tiny bit of shortening and keep mixing it, or put it back in the microwave if it needs more time.
  2. Chop your nuts and cocoa nibs if you want them! Put each of your toppings in a separate bowl.
  3. Take the fudgesicles out of the freezer (only one-ish batches at a time) and dip them in hot water for under five seconds . If you do this, they won’t get mushy! Just a quick dip works great! Take the fudgesicle out of the mold and dip the tip in chocolate or drizzle it over. Work quickly and sprinkle all your toppings over the chocolate before it sets! The orange rind added a LOT of flavor, and all these toppings worked great! In mine this time, I forgot to add coconut, but usually we also use it and goji berries. You can eat it immediately or pack them in individual bags and stick them back in the freezer. Enjoy!!!