Hi guys!

Lately, I’ve wanted to shake things up a bit with my phone case. I figured, it’s easier to do than shaving my head – so I’d give it a try!

GUYS. It worked so well! We bought a clear phone case, painted a few inserts, and now I can change them out at any time however I want. They don’t take long at all, and you can customize them however you want. I used acrylics with these because that’s just the style I was going for, but you can totally use watercolor or just draw on it if you want.

I know some of you don’t have phones, but you can make them for your parents or just as a fun project. 


What you need

  • Card stock – I used regular paper for one of them, but it got slightly wet and ended up tearing, so I had to remake it. Card stock is much sturdier and won’t tear!
  • Paint – acrylic, watercolor, even watercolor pens or regular colored pencils
  • Paint palette for mixing colors – don’t judge, but I blanked on the name of this and literally had to look up “paint holder thing” 😐😂
  • Brushes
  • Clear phone case – make sure it’s the right size for your phone (iPhone 5/SE6/6s7/8 , X/XS , XR , 11 , 11 Pro , and last but not least, Samsung Galaxy A20/A30. Wow that’s a lot of phones. I’m out of breath just writing them.
  • Scissors
  • Pencil, just to make your own life easier
  • Exact-o knife – you’re probably going to have to ask your parents for help with this!



  1. Trace your phone case onto your card stock. Cut out the tracing. 
  2. Choose your picture! Depending on what it is, you’ll probably need a background color (a sky, etc.), so find your color and paint it onto your card stock. Don’t worry about having a space for your camera. Obviously, don’t have the design directly over where it will be, but it’s easy to cut out at the end. If you don’t have the right color, no worries! A couple of my paintings literally only have one or two colors that weren’t mixed. If you’re painting a person, I highly recommend drawing them first and painting the background around them because it can be hard to paint fine details on a color that isn’t white. For this step, I used the biggest brush. Remember: adding multiple thin layers is better than one thick layer that’ll crack right away!
  3. Wait for your base to dry, and using your pencil, sketch out your design on top. 
  4. Paint a base for each different color – add the detail last. When you layer color, it depends on what your making, but I often start with light colors and go over it to make it darker. However, for others, such as Elsa’s cape below, I started with a dark color and painted over it. For these steps, I used a skinner brush to really be able to get the detail I wanted.
  5. Once your painting is completely done, stick it in your phone case and see how it looks! Trace out an area for the camera and using your exact-o, cut it out. 
  6. You’re done! Go enjoy your fun new phone case! Make sure to post your creations!



  •  I found that to make a good sky color, I mixed dark blue with white, and added a touch of teal/green to it to make it brighter. 
  • To blend colors, an easy way is dipping your brush in water, and then into the paint (but make sure your brush isn’t dripping). Without washing your brush, switch colors and blend at the seam. Clean your brush, making sure your brush is still wet, and continue with the second color. Keep doing this until you have all the colors you want!