Hey guys! While a bunch of you have time off, I thought this is the perfect time to give you guys a list of our favorite games to play as a family. We play them before dinner many nights and end up cracking up with laughter. Hope you like them!


Ages 10+

Balderdash – this is our family favorite by far. Basically, you have to write the most convincing lie based off a category and everyone votes which one they think is real. Everyone’s lie gets mixed in with one real card, and if people think your lie is real, you move forward on the board! We love this game so much! It says 12+, but I think 10+ year olds can do it just as far as coming up with a convincing lie. Our all time favorite!

Bears vs. Babies – possibly the weirdest game ever, but suuuper fun. Build your bears into party animals and fight the babies! The more points each bear has when dressed up, the better. Band together to fight those evil babies. 


Ages 7+

Apples to Apples – this game is a favorite to play with friends. Everyone has cards, and one person places down a random “category card”. You pick which one of your cards is the funniest to fit the category. If the person placing down the category card chooses yours as the funniest, you get the card! The more category cards you have by the end, the better. 

Clue – whodoneit? In this game, you have to work independently as a detective to found out a murder mystery. Everyone is a character, and everyone’s a suspect. Interrogate friends and  family members, and accuse who’s guilty. And there’s a different scenario each time!

Telestrations – pretty much the best. Everyone has an erasable drawing pad and their own secret category. They draw their category to the best of their ability and pass along their pads. The next person tries to guess your category based off your drawing, and the next person tries to draw the guessed category, etc. Sooo much fun! Up to 6 players. 

Rubik’s Race no, it’s not a rubiks cube. You shake up a little box and it comes up with colors like the side of a Rubiks cube. You then have to sort markers in a square without lifting any up, working around your space, making the inside square look like the design. First one done wins! This is a two-player game. 


Ages 5+

Monopoly – this game SOMEHOW always ends with me in jail 😂. It’s really fun to play with a large number of people, and you need to make everyone else bankrupt while owning all the properties! Anything can happen, and it’s so fun for everyone.

Sorry! – first one to make it all the way around the board with all their pieces wins! You can bump back other players (you meanie, you) and try to advance as much as possible! If you pull a “Sorry!” Card, you can send other people back. Make sure you’re not too mean, though :). 

Uno – I’ve been playing this game as long as I can remember. The game says 7+, but I’ve been playing it since I was 5 years old, if not younger. It’s a card game, and you try to make other people have as many cards as possible while getting rid of all yours. So fun!

Twister – you and a group of friends tangle yourselves up in knots while working on a mat! If you’re a gymnast, you’re in luck. If you’re not… sorry hehe, that’ll be hard. 

Headbanz – Who am I? You’re assigned a card, and you need to guess which character you are before everyone else guesses theirs. The more you correctly guess, the better!